The Foundation relies on donations from the veterinary profession, pet care industry as well as the pet owning public to help support its educational, scientific and charitable activities. More information is available below and please contact us for more information about how your tax-deductible donation can help support the Foundation. 

Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry Funds

These funds are used for the general benefit of veterinary dentistry as directed by the Foundation Board of Directors for projects including education, research, public outreach campaigns and promotion of Foundation programs like the FVD Make Me Smile Program.

Foundation Research Grants

These funds are utilized to fund research projects in the field of veterinary dentistry. Research Grants are offered each year with an announcement appearing annually in the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry. Applications for this grant are available are available on this website.

Foundation Scholarships

The Foundation helps fund the educational endeavors of veterinarians and technicians that are tracking to become Board-certified specialists in veterinary dentistry by awarding scholarships to deserving individuals.