The Foundation for Veterinary Dentistry Board of Directors has representation from the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry, The American Veterinary Dental College, and four At Large Directors for terms of three years (after the initial modified merger terms). The At Large Directors shall not be diplomates of the College and shall be broadly representative of persons working in veterinary dentistry or related activities, including non-certified veterinarians or non-veterinarians such as veterinary technicians, human health professionals, and individuals working in commerce relevant to veterinary dentistry.

  • Dr. Jan Bellows

    President of the Foundation and Chair of the Foundation Board

  • Dr. Paul Mitchell

    Appointed by Board of Directors

  • Dr. Barden Greenfield

    Vice President

  • Dr. Curt Coffman


  • Dr. Susan Crowder


  • Dr. Barry Rathfon

    Appointed by the 2015 FVD board

  • Dr. Mike Overend

    Appointed by the AVDS

  • Dr. Richard McFarland

    Appointed by the AVD

  • Dr. David Clarke

    (ex-officio as AVDC President-Elect)

  • Dr. Kris Bannon

    Appointed by the AVDS

  • Dr. Randi Brannan

    Appointed by the AVDC

  • Dr. Jamie Anderson

    Appointed by the AVDC

  • Dr. Clarence Sitzman

    Appointed by the 2015 FVD Board